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U-PROD Scanlations

Proud to be scanlating manga!

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New Site, Kashiwagi Chapter 20 and Danshi Chapters 4-5
paramitan wrote in u_prodscans
Hey guys! been a long time since we've released or updated! Anyways, we have a new site! Do check it out! Get our latest releases, greet the crew and get spoilers from our series on http://www.uprodscans.com !

Of course, this is what you came for, right? Here's new chapters of Tonari no Kashiwagi-san and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou!

Kashiwagi 20 [Watermarked]

Danshi 4-5

About the watermarks...we're only doing it for Kashiwagi-san, unless people would still rampantly go to other manga readers who just rake in lots without doing the painstaking work that is scanlating. Please bear with us for now! ^^

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Thank you so much for Danshi Koukousei. ^o^

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