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U-PROD Scanlations

Proud to be scanlating manga!

[sticky post]RealPG Stage XI and a TLDR Moment
Yo~ yes, this is paramitan, alive and still kicking. Missed me?
3 months. 3 months without even checking a scanlated manga page. 3 months without logging in to IRC (and it seems that my account is now suspended). 3 months worth of academic overload. I wondered how I survived all that time...

Yes, what took me out of the scene was (mainly) studies. I'm having a great deal of difficulty (up to now) in catching up to most of my subjects. I even entertained the thought of changing schools, one thing that'll be really hard for me. My recent lack of online contact further lengthened when my memory card (which contained almost all scripts I was working on that time) and my PC crashed. May I have you know that my PC's hard drive shut down, and I only cried for 4 hours (mainly because it contained all of my backups, past files, digital memories and raw manga). I was supposed to release an anniversary gift (which I was supposed to keep a secret up till now) and I have done typesetting half of it when it all happened. Such a disappointment, I might say...

Now, time for me to say my apologies. First, to the once members of the group. Sorry for not contacting you guys for so long. I can laugh at the fact that you guys have tagged me dead, for I am at fault with that. I left without a warning and without someone else to lead, which lead to the shutdown (which learnt of recently). Second, to all the groups I was once in as a translator. I'll try to pick some back up if I would be able to get the raws. Third, to all of you who have waited for a release.

Since I'm still struggling to buy a new PC, here's my plan for the group for now. Because I'm currently the only member of the group once more (with everyone else gone to different groups, and chihirofuru preparing for graduation), I can only handle a few projects at a time. One of which is one of my personal favorites: RealPG. Thank you jag/Psylocke Scans for releasing it, but I would like to take this series back. I LOVE this series, and I missed it so much that I was literally jumping when I saw the recent developments. So, yeah, you'd see the release on the bottom of this post, and I'd apologize for the half-assed color redraw. NEEDING A REDRAWER!!!

After I've caught up with RealPG, I'll be likely to pick Danshi and ReBURST back up. Since both series have ended their run in Japan, I'll try to get a more organized release flow for the series.

How about the others? Let's see...
Kurogane - now on S2Scans
Haikyuu!! - now on Casanova Scans
Evergreen - now on Casanova Scans
Golden Time - Village Idiot Scans is doing it on their own now...
Guilty Crown - could be back depending whether we could still get an RP
Kokoro Connect - could be back if I get another translator on board
Happy Project - no plan on finishing it anymore (5 chapters to the end, and it bores me to death)

Am I doing new projects? Just one or two monthly series would do. I cannot do a weekly series because I don't have much time (unless someone can help clean/redraw...) I already have one series in my list and would likely to have the second one filled in (after reading a chapter of it).

Since the site is down, I hate going back to freewebs, and I can't access the IRC channel, I'm re-establishing ways for you to communicate with the group. So the LiveJournal will be temporarily the group site again, and the new channel for the group is now #uprodscans on IRCHighway (I am para| there). Facebook page and Twitter account will stay the same (I am still managing it) and the email for the group is still the Gmail account (uprodscans@gmail.com). If you'd like to help me (in case of my former staff, again), I'll be glad to entertain your offer.
And now, RealPG Stage XI...



Danshi 6-7 and Happy Project 4

yep, another batch of 2 releases...or 3 LOL. Here's Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou's 6-7 and Happy Project's 4th chapters. Enjoy!

Danshi 6-7

HapiPuro 4

Happy Project 3 and Kashiwagi-san 21
Sorry if I'm updating this in a bit irregular manner, but I'll still continue here despite the website we now have. Maybe every two releases or so...

Anyways, here's our latest releases for now: Happy Project and Tonari no Kashiwagi-san!

Kashiwagi 21

Happy Project 3

New Site, Kashiwagi Chapter 20 and Danshi Chapters 4-5
Hey guys! been a long time since we've released or updated! Anyways, we have a new site! Do check it out! Get our latest releases, greet the crew and get spoilers from our series on http://www.uprodscans.com !

Of course, this is what you came for, right? Here's new chapters of Tonari no Kashiwagi-san and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou!

Kashiwagi 20 [Watermarked]

Danshi 4-5

About the watermarks...we're only doing it for Kashiwagi-san, unless people would still rampantly go to other manga readers who just rake in lots without doing the painstaking work that is scanlating. Please bear with us for now! ^^

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 19
Here's chapter 19! The first full chapter release in nearly 6 months! It would have been out earlier today, but by the time I got the script, I had been up for 20 hours. Nearly passed out as I was trying to PR it, so I had to go to bed. A thank you out to PROzess, who translated page 15 for us. If he hadn't done that, I would've had to wait another 8+ hours to release this.

For this release, and all future ones, we are borrowing PROzess' page regarding Mangafox and Mangahere.

Download Links

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 18.5
Here's our first release of Tonari no Kashiwagi-san! It's a special chapter, between chapters 18 and 19, and is not stand alone. It follows directly after chapter 18. A big thanks to Twin Dragon no Fansub to providing the raws for this chapter, and the upcoming chapters that we will be releasing. Continuing this manga would not have been possible without them! Normally we would have released this alongside chapter 19 too, but given that it has been so long since the last release, we are doing it now. Expect chapter 19 to come very soon, though

Download Links

Info Page

Happy Project Chapter 2
After a lot of delays, especially with the cleaning, we present you Happy Project's 2nd chapter! And we're gonna be delayed yet again, because our raw for the next one is still nowhere to be found. Anyways, enjoy this chapter. Up next are Tonari no Kashiwagi-san (thanks to Twin Dragons no Fansub) and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou!

Download Links

RealPG 001v2 and Chapter 003
Suprise again! It's not just Reburst! But we're giving you also RealPG today! We've redone some parts of chapter 1 and re-released it (we hope the TL would please you), plus chapter 3! This manga is getting more and more exciting as it progresses, so await our releases for it! We also need REDRAWERS to work for us, so come and apply!

Download Links

Pokemon Reburst Chapter 6
It's been a long time since we've released something, and once again, it's very overdue. Now, here comes the long-awaited 6th chapter of Reburst! And as a bonus, we've added the 4-koma found on the sleeve of Volume 1! And please read the text on the side, it'll really, really help us out T_T Thank everyone who made this possible and enjoy the release!

Download Links

Happy Project Chapter 1
I can't believe it's gonna go out that fast! Well, anyways, this is way too overdue though. Here's the first chapter of Happy Project, brought to you by most of the staff of U-PROD, with the help of buroguy32, Unograil and unicohijo for the cleans and redraws! Special credits go to Sality for providing us an action for this one, and a big thanks to Derek who proofread and typeset the chapter. Enjoy, everyone! (now, off to sleep)


Info Page